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be present, be here
be present, be here

be present, be here

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quote on label:
With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
color: rust and olive green
scent: mango and honeydew melon
gemstone: aventurine
This candle was inspired by and is dedicated to my friend Liz Lamoreux and her inspirational blog

In February 2007 I found myself in the midst of excruciating, sudden, fundamental and sweeping changes: the end of my dog Elliott's life, the end of my marriage, buying a house by myself and moving to a different city. It was extremely difficult to stay in the present moment; I was either reliving the past or fearing the future. What I've been taught is that we're always safest in the now. Especially for my boy Elliott I had to refocus my mind a thousand times a day into the present, and I began saying "be present, be here" as my mantra. 

Eventually a little voice inside said, "You need to make a candle for this." So here it is. It has worked wonders to help me stay in the now~which is all we ever have~and I hope it helps you, too.

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