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What do I need to help me better care for myself right now?
~ Jennifer Louden
color: toffee with brown and black swirls
scent: mulled cider
gemstones: howlite, rose quartz
The need for comfort is universal, yet the ways we comfort ourselves are as individual and personal as our taste in shoes. In her phenomenal Woman's Comfort Book, Jennifer Louden writes:
"[Comfort] is that warm, safe feeling you get from lying in bed watching the rain fall, knowing you don't have to go out of the house if you don't want to. Comfort is a place to fortify yourself."
I created this candle during an extended period of grieving, when I needed more support and comfort than I could summon. Rather than open the fridge every time I needed to feel comforted (which I did for a while and gained 15 pounds), I wanted a way to wrap my arms around myself and ask myself, "How can I best care for me right now? What do I truly need?" Lighting this candle helps me focus within to find the answer.

The book, music and movie recommendations below are from my own comfort library.

This candle is dedicated with love to my dog Ranger, the ultimate giver and seeker of comfort.
P.S. For fans of our seasonal autumn candle, comfort is also scented with mulled cider. Its scrumptious scent and colors alone will comfort and delight your senses.

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