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coming out of hiding
coming out of hiding

coming out of hiding

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When you finally expose yourself and let yourself be known, the sky does not fall. Instead, things begin to unfold; miracles happen.
~ Suzanne Falter
color: light green with fuchsia and green swirls
scent: freesia and mint
gemstone: aventurine
I'm a chicken in many ways. I may call it shyness, but really it's fear. Fear of judgment, failure, ridicule, disappointing others, rejection. Fear of appearing too big for my britches, egotistical, stupid, mediocre. The usual bag of tricks. So, methinks, small is safe. Small is good. Small's three requisite best friends~Timidity, Justification and Self-Doubt~may not be as fun to party with, but they sure pad the comfort zone. Living from this small, timid, doubting place, is it any wonder I gained a ton of weight and my writing stalled?!? Hello!
Staying hidden isn't serving me anymore if, in fact, anytime after junior high it ever did. Downplaying my success isn't serving me. Neither is stifling my truths.
Back in 2004, self-help author Suzanne Falter asked me to create this candle for her Get Known Now marketing program. (Which, by the way, I enrolled in and highly recommend.) I knew this was exactly the candle I needed. Deep in my bones I've known it's high time to step even further into the light, sharing my gifts and offering my voice with all the gloriousness I can possibly shine! This was my candle for 2005, the one that burned on my personal altar every single day. And, no, the irony doesn't escape me that it took until June 2005 to summon the courage to share my story and make it available to you. :)
P.S. I've found Suzanne's quote to be absolutely positively true. Possibilities unfold and miracles do occur.

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