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ease & enjoyment
ease & enjoyment

ease & enjoyment

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Everything we want in life is downstream. Drop the oars. Stop trying to push the river.
~ Sister Cathy Beckley
color: pink and light green
scent: aloe vera
gemstone: jade
After a grueling 2007, I woke up New Year's Day 2008 knowing in my heart of hearts the year was meant to be the year of ease and enjoyment. I adopted those words as my mantra, and am thrilled to have created a candle to celebrate this new way of living.
I'm eternally grateful to my spiritual director and longtime friend Sister Cathy for introducing me to ease & enjoyment as a spiritual practice and daily way of living. It doesn't mean there aren't hardships or pain or challenges, it just means to remember I'm not in charge of the river. My job is to surrender to the natural flow as best I can. To follow the path of least resistance. To stop struggling and fretting so much, to ENJOY my life! To trust that the easier, softer way is always the route I'm meant to take. It has proven true for me a thousand times this year.
No matter what, I've never enjoyed life as much as I am right now, had such deep faith, or felt so close to Spirit. It can prove true for you, as well.

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