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emotional healing
emotional healing

emotional healing

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Our past is a story existing only in our minds. Look, analyze, understand, and forgive. Then, as quickly as possible, chuck it.
~Marianne Williamson
color: dusky blue
scent: rain and aloe vera
gemstone: blue lace agate
I created this candle after my 10-year marriage ended. Even though it was amicable, there was no avoiding the fact that the aftermath was an emotionally devastating and sometimes messy time of growth, healing, letting go and moving on.
No matter what happens in life, it's imperative to our health that we feel our emotions. When they're repressed, we suffer and our bodies get sick. It's also important that we seek out whatever help is necessary to process them and then move on. Or, as Marianne Williamson says, chuck 'em.
May this candle help you focus on whatever needs to be felt, healed and released for your emotional well-being.

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