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little miss pissy pants
little miss pissy pants

little miss pissy pants

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Days like these let you savor a bad mood.
~ Calvin & Hobbes
color: white and fuchsia with swirls of blue
scent: pomegranate and sage
gemstone: lepidolite
Know those days when you're in a bad mood and frankly intend to stay that way? When everyone's on your nerves, including yourself? Well, next time you feel like this, here's what you do: call in sick, light this candle, stomp around the house and let yourself be pissy all damn day.
It's unrealistic to keep an even temper and be nice/fair/virtuous/good all the time. And if you think you ought to be, our screw perfection candle is for you.
Our crankiness always carries a deeper message; like, we need downtime, or a giant triple cheese pizza, or to watch the massage scene in Living Out Loud thirty-five times in a row, or to speak our truth to someone.
Being pissy is often a gateway to powerful changes in our lives. And sometimes it's just about allowing ourselves to be pissy.

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