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Moon Phase Calendar

The moon holds powerful allure, imbued with beauty, mystery, legend, myth and romance. Her cycles impact everything from ocean tides and animal behavior to birth rates and emergency room activity. Wisely, metaphorically and magically, she reflects the fundamental cycles within our lives: light and dark, abundance and need, action and rest, beginnings and endings.

Here is this year's moon phase schedule along with some of our recommended candles for each lunar cycle. But no matter which candles we recommend, we always want you to follow your own intuition and inner guidance.


2017 Moon Phase Calendar

Known As
Recommended Candles
Jan 12
Full Moon
Nursing Moon, Wolf Moon
Jan 27
New Moon
Feb 10
Full Moon
Fasting Moon, Snow Moon
Feb 26
New Moon
Mar 12
Full Moon
Seed Moon, Chaste Moon
Mar 27
New Moon
Apr 11
Full Moon
Mating Moon, Hare Moon
Apr 26
New Moon
May 10
Full Moon
Journey Moon, Flower Moon
May 25
New Moon
Jun 9
Full Moon
Mother's Moon, Strawberry Moon
Jun 23
New Moon
Jul 9
Full Moon
Father's Moon, Buck Moon
Jul 23
New Moon
Aug 7
Full Moon
Barley Moon, Sturgeon Moon
Aug 21
New Moon
Sep 6
Full Moon
Harvest Moon, Wine Moon
Sep 20
New Moon
Oct 5
Full Moon
Hunter's Moon, Blood Moon
Oct 19
New Moon
Nov 4
Full Moon
Death Moon, Beaver Moon
Nov 18
New Moon
Dec 3
Full Moon
Oak Moon, Birth Moon
Dec 18               New Moon

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