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screw perfection
screw perfection

screw perfection

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quote on label:
It is easier to try to be better than you are than to be who you are. Eventually we have to face the fact that we are not God.
~ Marion Woodman
color: white with gold swirls
scent: rain, lemon and honeysuckle
gemstone: clear quartz
Perfection is a myth. And we are bombarded with images and messages showing us ways to change and things do in order to reach a closer perfection (or at least measurable improvement) in how we look, live, eat, feel, parent, decorate, work, age, entertain, clean, worship, socialize, dress, heal, process feelings, shop, make love (or not), vacation, date, manage finances, exercise, create, relax, communicate, plan, etc.
Trying to live up to this myth is a crazy-making spiral that keeps us believing nothing is good enough, especially ourselves. When we work and strive nonstop to improve our lives, we cannot love, endorse and cherish (much less accept) Who We Are in this moment, which easily leads to ever. It's no wonder we're exhausted and frantic.
This candle honors exactly where you are, no matter where you are. Stop. Light this candle. Relax. Accept. Revel. Be. You are valuable, and lovable and, yes, perfect exactly the way you are this very moment.
A note from my brother Bob, the photographer: "This was the one candle I shouldn't have to worry about shooting perfectly, dang it!" So we're humoring him by using this crooked, imperfect photo he took. Bob also cautions: "Never attempt to burn candles at a 20_ angle."

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