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I'm sorry, I love you. I'm sorry, I love you. I'm sorry, I love you.
~ Ihaleakala Hew Len
color: white and pink with light blue swirls
scent: pomegranate and rain
gemstones: amazonite, bloodstone
My spiritual director introduced me to Dr. Len's simple process of forgiveness called Ho'oponopono. In words it is light years beyond my comprehension, but in practice it's simple and packs a wallop.
He teaches the four healing principles in life are: I'm sorry, I forgive you, I love you and thank you. I say "I'm sorry, I love you" to myself whenever I need to. I'm sorry for harming myself. I'm sorry for scaring myself. I'm sorry for hating myself. I'm sorry for making shitty choices. I'm sorry I didn't know better. I'm sorry, I love you. I'm sorry, I love you. It is one of the most powerful yet gentle acts of self-love I have ever practiced.

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