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2_" x 3_" (burns up to 45 hours)


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quote on label:
May all things move and be moved in me
and know and be known in me
May all creation
dance for joy within me.
~ Chinook Psalter
color: white with lavender swirls
scent: sage
gemstone: clear quartz
Spirit is Spirit! O Great Mystery, the Divine, Goddess, Creator, God, Yahweh, All That Is. I believe it's fundamentally important to send a call to Spirit, inviting the Divine to dance closely with us, whenever we participate in a celebration, ceremony, ritual or simply need the Company.
There are literally hundreds of years worth of deep and historic writings spanning many spiritual paths about the elements, and I encourage you to explore them as you feel drawn to do so. My overview is merely the briefest of glimpses.

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